The story :

" Guess how much I love you ",
is the name of a book we 've read together :

It exists in French,

in Dutch :

and in German too :

It's about Petit Lièvre and Grand Lièvre...

Petit Lièvre and Grand Lièvre are running.
They were out for a little trip.
But now, it's time to go to bed !

Then Petit Lièvre wants to say something to
Grand Lièvre.
He holds Grand Lièvre's ears
and he says to him :
" Guess how much I love you ! "

Well, I love you SO much !
It makes Grand Lièvre very pleased.
And Grand Lièvre answers :
Well I love you SO much too !

But Grand Lièvre has longer arms.
So we could think that he loves Petit Lièvre stronger.

Petit Lièvre wants to show
that he loves Grand Lièvre still stronger.
He tries to find something bigger.
He stays up and... hands up too !
He reverses himself vs a tree...

He jumps really high...
He finds lots of ideas.
But everytime,
what Grand Lièvre makes is always bigger !

Then Petit Lièvre says to Grand Lièvre...
that he loves him as strong as the way to the river is long.
And... Grand Lièvre finds something else still longer ;o)...

It's like that until Petit Lièvre is sleeping...
Chuuuuuut !

Why are we telling you about this ?