What we wish :

After we 've read the story
we tried to lead
Petit Lièvre
very far ...
to let him show to
Grand Lièvre
that he loves him... from here to there !

Grand Lièvre is there
and he looks at Petit Lièvre
at the background on the grass.

Now we'd like that
Petit Lièvre may go far, very far from us !
In another school.
By snail mail ;o)
And to show to Grand Lièvre that it's really far,
Grand Lièvre will stay here with us.

Maybe they could talk together by mail...

It would be fun if Petit Lièvre could
send us a picture from the classroom where he will arrive :

For exemple Petit Lièvre with a carrot
(he likes it so much and in fact he does need to eat of what ;o)

And also Petit Lièvre doing something fun
to make
Grand Lièvre laught...
waiting that he comes back, close to him.

And Petit Lièvre and Grand Lièvre
will be so pleased of these adventures !
(and we too ;o)

Are you ready for hosting Petit Lièvre ?
Please have a look here.

Would you like to see
how naughty was
Petit Lièvre in our classroom ;o) ?
Have a look here.