How does it work :

We were searching for a few classes hosting Petit Lièvre
before the end of our school year (end of June).
But it's now OK...

We'll send Petit Lièvre to the first school in the table below.
This school, after having hosted
Petit Lièvre,
will have to send him to the following one.
(Please take care of the calendar ;o)
Pictures sent about
Petit Lièvre and his carrot
and doing something fun
will be put on line - quite live -
on the " News from
Petit Lièvre " page.
We keep one week free between two schools
to let
Petit Lièvre travel the world.
These weeks are shown by a .

Many thanks to our participants.

1 March 27th
April 1st
2 April 3rd
April 8th
Kindergarten Da Vinci School
3 April 10th
April 15th
4 April 17th
April 22th
5 April 24th
April 29th
6 May 1st
May 6th
7 May 8th
May 13th

Midland Christian School
PO Box 463
Middle Swan
Midland 6936
Western Australia

8 May 15th
May 20th
9 May 22nd
May 27th

Year 1 A J
St. Margaret's School
Post Office Box 138
Berwick 3805

10 May 29th
June 3rd
11 June 5th
June 10th

Broadmeadows Primary School
Kindergarten Class

12 June 12th
June 17th
13 June 19th
June 24th
Craigie Primary School
Western Australia

14 June 26th
June 30th

Petit Lièvre has to be back
with us at the end of this week...