Neuigkeiten vom Petit Lièvre :

Petit Lièvre a passé une semaine à Dallas avec la classe de Janet...

6 avril :
Hello !
We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our visit with Petit.
He is having a lovely time in Dallas getting to know all the children and the fun that we have in our classroom.
His favorite time of the day is Reading and Math Tubs.
He has been playing with our armadillo at recess.
He tells us to be sure to let you know how much fun he is having, but misses all of you.
We will be sending him this Friday to Kathy in Michigan.
Thank you for sharing your special friend.

Nous devrions bientôt avoir les photos du passage de
Petit Lièvre à Dallas.

Ce vendredi 7 avril, Petit Lièvre a pris la route de Holt dans le Michigan...

26 avril : Nous avons reçu des nouvelles de Petit Lièvre.
Dear Kindergarten,
Petit Lievre arrived on Thursday during a huge rainstorm !
He was so happy to be out of his box so he could watch the storm through the windows !
He was very brave and not at all afraid of the thunder !
All of us LOVE him very much and he's having lots of fun with us !
It has been warm and sunny this week so we've been outside doing many fun activities !
We have taken some pictures and Ms. Dean will be putting them up on the web on Friday so all of you can see us and what Petit Lievre has been up to !
Do you think he's been hiding again ?
There's lots of places in our building for him to climb and we'll give you a hint : he's seen us from places none of us has ever gone before ! ! !
We'll send you the address of our web page this week so you can decide whether he's naughty ! ! ( We think he's very funny ! )
He misses all of you but he's having so much fun that he never cries !
Petit Lievre wants all of you to know that he has many stories to tell you when he comes home ! We'll write again on Friday ! !
Love to all of you !
Kathy, Ms. Dean's Kindergarten, and of course, Petit Lievre !

Et Grand Lièvre... il a été invité par les P'tits Fufus, nos copains de l'école de Saint Fuscien !