Our school year

Thursday 2nd : teachers come back school.

Saturday 4th : Eva

Monday 6th : everybody is back.

Saturday 11th : Alexandre

Saturday 18th : and meeting with the parents.

Thursday 30th : Noémie


Sunday 3rd : Justine

Saturday 9th :

Friday 22th : vote for the Parents Comitee.

Monday 25th : Juliane

Tuesday 26th : Mathilde

Saturday 30th : beginning of the Toussaint holidays .


Wednesday 3rd : Manon

Monday 8th : end of the Toussaint holidays.

Saturday 20th :

Saturday 27th : Marine

Monday 29th : Julien


Saturday 11th :

Saturday 18th : beginning of our Chritmas holidays.

A says when it's our birthday and how old we're.
A means that we don't come at school on this Saturday morning.