A surprising drawing...

To see the drawings from Etrun... from Martigny... and ours.

To understand what we did :

We've placed little dots everywhere.
Then we wrote numbers beneath them
(it's more easy to locate our dots).
Internet friends told us which dots to had to join.
We have bound them together.

Now it's enough.
We have withdrawn all the dots and the numbers.

It looks like that :

We keep only the lines.

We color them in grey...
so that we can see them just a little...

We're going to try finding drawings among all these lines.
You may print our grey drawing to seek with us
We would be very happy
if you could send us
copies of your drawings.

We'll soon show you on this page our productions...

Thanks to :
Samuel (10-11) (4-11) Alexandra (8-13) - Maternelle-Cp - Etrun - 62

Nina (-) Christina (2-12) Stephan (4-14)
Matteo (4-13) Chris (7-17) Philipp (6-13)
Nadine (14-18) Milena (6-18)- Weiz - AT

Cp-ce1-ce2 (3-10) - Ouzilly - 89

╔milianna (2-12) - Des enfants de la Rive Sud - CA

Danyel (1-9)

KÚvin (9-16) (1-2), Lo´c (1-17) (3-14) (2-16),
Aline (9-15), Marie (4-17), Thomas (5-8) - Anthy - 74

Xavier (14-6)