Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
Queen of Peace School, Belleville, IL, USA

2000 gummi bears
to make a giant gummy bear

Each of the students brought in 100 Gummi bears. First we counted out the bears to be sure we each had 100 and we sorted them by color.

Next we decided what color we had the most of and chose that as our bear color. We began to outline the bear in red, the color we had the most of.

We had to decided what we were going to make with the colored Gummi bears we had so we decided on a hat, buttons, and a bow tie.

After we made his parts, we began filling him with the red bears and then the orange bears because orange was the closest color to red that we had.

We had extra yellow and clear Gummi bears so we decided to put a frame around him.

After we had finished our big Gummi bear, we took a vote to name him. Our decision was to name our new bear " Chubby 2000 " !

Parents have volunteered to come in and have glued each of our 2000 Gummi bears down so we can keep Chubby 2000.

We had extra Gummi bears to eat when we were done! Thanks for the fun project ! ! !