Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
Queen of Peace School, Belleville, IL, USA
Michelle Jones class

2000 inches of ribbon...

We'll make bows for a child we sponsor in Haiti

Our "2000" project was to collect 2000 inches of ribbon. It was neat to see all the many colors and designs. As a class we laid the ribbon on the floor in our school hallway to see how far it would stretch.

As each 100 inches was taped to the floor, a student from our class sat next to that point to help with our measuring. We have 18 students, for the last 200 inches we looked on !

Look how long our ribbon stretched. 2000 inches is a long way !

In December we are using the ribbon to make hair bows for a little girl we sponsor in Haiti. We are sure that project will be just as fun.