Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
at Buderim Mountain State School - AU

We have finally decided what our 2000 little things will be.
We thought we would cut out small paper doves as a
symbol of peace
for the new millenium.
Then we will staple them together
to make a long chain of doves for peace.

First we drew our Doves of Peace, tracing around a stencil.
Then we cut them out and glued them into lines of ten doves.

We collected ten lots of ten doves (hundreds).

We are still doing this !
So far we have 16 - 17 groups of one hundred doves !
Not many to go now !
Each child needs to make 44 doves and we will only need twenty more to make 2000.
Some children have made many more than their share !

Tomorrow we hope to finish making our doves.
Then we will glue our ten rows of ten together to make lines of one hundred doves.
We will need to make 20 rows of one hundred !

After we have made the rows of one hundred we will glue ten rows of one hundred together to make a row of one thousand.
We will do this twice !

Lastly, we will glue our two rows of one thousand together to make our
2000 petits riens !  We will send the rest of our pictures to you when we are finished.

We also intend to measure the length of our 2000 Doves of Peace.
Before we begin we will ESTIMATE !
How long do you think they will be ?

November 18 th

Three more pictures. The first shows Steve with a line of 100 doves around his neck.

The second shows a pile of 1000 doves.

We then joined both thousands together and stretched it out from our classroom along the pathways of our school. We thought it might stretch to the oval ! It didn't quite make that far, but it did get past the tuckshop. It was 135 metres long ! No-one managed to guess the correct length, although some got quite close.

We are now hanging our doves around the classroom - we think they will go about three times around ! We have also featured the doves on our class page in the annual school magazine to wish everyone a happy new millennium for next year !

The French version of the presentation of this project
was written by one student's mother.
Thanks to her.
It's available here.