Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...

Kindergarten is ready to join.
With 2000 different little things.

November 12th :
We've prepared yarns between the most central tree in our playground and the walls of the school. We are going to hang everything we can.
We begin this morning.
There will be toys cars (broken), pens (old ones), cd-roms (out of use, but it will be nice with the sun shining ! )... and maybe children too (only if they're too naughty ;o)))

I'm doing two knots...

Here is how it works :

All right ! Hung on.

It's super with the sun :
cd-roms are playing with the sun
and send it towarsd the walls.
It looks like shooting stars.

As seen from the top of our step.

Yes really !
It's Mrs Barbie !
We did it !

Well, we aren't finished. We have still lots of knots to do ;o)))

(to be followed then ! )