Netdays '99

2000 little things

With our 2000,
we've chosen to create a giant string of paperclips.
We show you pictures of it...

(we counted paperclips 10 by 10)

(and put all packets all together)

In 2 boxes of 1000 paperclips...
were only 1948 paperclips ! ! !
We added some others !

And we started to create our string.

We tell you how long it is ...

64.33m ! ! !

We built our string outside
(the classroom was too little)
Marie and all the children hold it.
The string began close by the toboggan
and ran up against 1st Graders'classroom.

We wanted to fasten Sylvie (our teacher assistant) with the string but  the paperclips were going to get into a tangle and we were afraid of not being able to deliver her ! ;o)

In the afternoon, we carried the whole string towards the ground besides the tennis field
(the string often jammed into the grass
and between the trees)

When we crossed the road,
we were obliged to drop the string on the floor
to let a car and a lorry go on.

The string begins on the edge of the picture and runs towards the background, where we tell you " peek-a-boo "
It's so far isn't it ?
We ran very fast to join Mathilde who was holding the head of the string.

We wound up the string
to make a giant snake...

After all this,
a lot of paperclips came undone
and our string was broken in several pieces !

Then... we made a curtain for our library with it

who and what ?