Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
at Linden - New Jersey - USA
3 Social Studies classes - Grade 5

#1 - 2000 soda can tabs :
The can tabs are collected by Ronald McDonald house
which provides housing for families
with children undergoing cancer treatments
at hospitals and the family doesn't live there.
We have one in New Jersey in Long Branch.
We did this last year also.

November 9th : 1800 tabs counted out to date

#2 - 2000 pencils and #3 - 2000  erasers :

We had a hurricane here in September
and in some places schools were flooded.
We still have some families flooded out
so the children thought giving school things
to a school would make their collecting more meaningful.

November 9th :
these collections are slower but we
are not giving up.
We are going to ask other classes to help us.