Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
with the 5P from Martigny - CH

2000 teeth-cleaners

We're trying,
with 2000 teeth-cleaners held in Sagex
(expansed polystyrene),
to write our prefered slogan :
" Internet, c'est chouette ! "
(Internet is cooooool !)

November 7th :
Teeth-cleaners are actually counted,
20 packets of 100 are ready.
They will be painted and then put in the Sagex this week...

Our realisation will contribute to decorate our new informatic center...

November 10th :
We started to paint the teeth-cleaners this morning...
It's not easy !

There are so many !

November 15th : they've done it ! ! !
(comments by k-kids, pictures shown without any precision, like a " guess what " )

It's a forest !

Is the Big Bad Wolf hidden ?

No, it's a village with houses.

And with a road turning
so that people may walk along.

No, it seems to be castles !

The king is living in the blue one.

Oh, it's letters !

Viva !

Because it's so nice ! ! !

It means something like :
" Internet is cool ! "

And Internet is really cool :
we've got lots of pictures and new friends !