Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
 at Elementary School " Quattro Martiri " - Padova -  Italia
Class 5

2000 stones,
2000 bays,
2000 pine cones,
2000 rice grains,
2000 rubbles of glass...

Ciao !
We're the children of the Elemantary School “ Quattro Martiri” in Padova, Italy..
Here is our "
2000 little things ” collection :

2000 small red bays
for a large heart,
red like love...

2000 rice grains
for a small smiley
which will carry the smile
to all the children of the world
who are hungry...

2000 small grains of glass 
to give magnicifient flowers
to year 2000...

2000 small stones
to write in large
ViVa for year 2000...

2000 pine cones of cypress,
because for each pine cone 1 seed,
for each seed 1 tree,
2000 trees = 1 forest.
We wish to everyone 2000 new forests.

We first gathered all our 2000 little things.

Then, at school, we controled if they were really 2000 and we found strategies for better counting : grouping ten by ten, how to order the groupings, the difference between the real and teh estimated numbers.

We also learned how to built something beautiful for our eyes ,with simple materials that we had not to buy.

We played with the nature and in the nature.
But best of all, we learned how to help each other,
how to organize ourselves,
Everyone had his small work
but all together, we could finish our collections.

Happy 2000 everybody !