Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
at Maryville - Tennessee - USA
Grade 3

Mrs. Russell’s 3rd Grade Class
2000 Project
Hands Across Eagleton Elementary

     Mrs. Russell with her third grade class present the Director of Schools, Dr. Pack and Technology Coordinator, Brian Bell with Project 2000 Sweatshirts as a thank you for bringing technology to our third grade classroom.

First we traced our hands on red, white and blue paper…
Then we cut,

and cut,

and cut 2000 hands.

Next came the chore
of grouping the hands
into bundles of tens.




Then we started the process


 of forming
 the United States Flag
 using our 2000
 construction paper hands !


It begins to look like a flag.


Year 2000 Project
is completed on 11/9/99.


 And ready
 to send by Email...