Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
at Pevely - Missouri - USA
2nd-3rd grade math class

2000 mostaccioli noddles

Count, measure, and weigh them.
Color & string them for patterning.
Estimate how many it will take
to fill, cover, go around
or be as long as other things.

" Hi ! " from Pevely Primary Resource Room, Pevely, Missouri USA.
For our " 2000 Little Things ", we choosed to use mostaccioli noodles.  

We counted noodles, and counted noodles, and counted noodles.  Finally we had them in bags of 100 noodles.  We had 20 bags.  Each bag weighed about 4 ounces and filled 1 1/3 Cups of our measuring cup.  Miss Lexa colored the noodles using alcohol and food coloring.

We used the noodles to measure the table and a desk.

We made self-portraits and used noodles to measure ourselves.  First we estimated how many noodles tall we were.  Then we made noodle measuring tapes.
(J. thought she was 150 noodles tall.  She was really only 34 noodles tall.)

We made patterns by stringing the noodles on yarn.  We made pattern

after pattern.

We thought we'd never run out of noodles.  But we finally got them all strung.

We tied all our strings of noodle patterns together.  We wanted to know how far the string would reach.  The students thought it would go all the way down the main hall from our classroom door to the other end of the building at the gym door.

It did go from our door down a long hall past all our self-portraits, across a hallway intersection, past a storage room, the Library and a restroom, across another hallway intersection and past the teacher's room.
It didn't make it to the gym, but it was close ! 

We got back to the room with the noodles (minus a few that got underfoot) in one big tangle.  At least we could get them all to stay on our scale now.

Our heap of tangled noodles weighed 5 pounds 2 ounces.  It took 5 one-pound boxes of noodles and about a third of a sixth box to get our 2000 noodles.

If we get a chance, we might cook our leftover noodles next week. " Yum ! "
We won't use the 2000 noodles from this project because they've been colored and handled and dragged on the floor. " Yuck ! "

It was a lot of work, but we had fun.  We also got a lot of comments from other students, teachers, and parents about what neat things we were doing.