Netdays '99

2000 little things

After year 1999, comes year 2000.

2000 !

It has to be so much ! ! !

2000 fleas, one behind each other,
are making a very long line...

2000 lions roaring,
it's certainly very loud...

2000 cows giving their milk,
it's so many liters !

But what about... 2000 little things...

2000 pins,
2000 matches,
2000 pearls,
2000 stones,
2000 sweets,
2000 nails,
2000 what-you-want...

How big is all this ?
How heavy is it ?
How long is it ?
What can we do with it ?

That's what we 're trying to do
with our
2000 paperclips !

Do you want to play with us ?
And create something
with your own 2000 little things ?

It's so easy :

Look at the page " who and what ",
choose one " little thing ",
- of course, you may choose something else than the exemples ! -
imagine what you can do with 2000 of them...
and subscribe to tell us you're joining.
Try to invent something to do with these " little things "
Send us a picture of what you did and tell about how it was.
We'll keep a place for you ;o)

You have to send us
a picture of what you create
before the beginning of the Netdays week in France
*** November 13 - 21  ***
(before is perfect).

We would like to show them
to our mothers
to our dads
to our grand mothers
to our grand fathers
and too, to our brothers and sisters
and to our friends on the Internet...

in our classroomwho and what