Netdays '99

We started to prepare the Netdays
with a game proposed to our visitors.
Here was it :

In our classroom, we're going to...
And... too !
But we don't say what ! Not now !
You want to know ?
Well just a little bit...
We have hidden what we're going to use for the Netdays.

Kekseksa ?

To help you, we added this picture :

It looked like...

Did you guess what it seemed to be ?
It was funny for us to know !

Friends proposed us :
Xavier : something to cook a cake !
Élisabeth : a little glass for Bordeaux wine !
Cédric (5P Martigny) a saucepan to play music for our Netdays guests !
Inès (5P Martigny) paste waiting to be cooked for the children of our school !
Adrien (École Mureil
) a picture from a planet !
Caroline a sand heap !
Un enfant (Ecole Marcel Follet d'Amiens), a shark !
(Ecole Marcel Follet d'Amiens), a flying saucer !
Gaëtan (Ecole Marcel Follet d'Amiens), a milk roll !
(Ecole Marcel Follet d'Amiens), a volcano !
Bakari (Ecole Marcel Follet d'Amiens
), a computer screen !
Béranger(Ecole Marcel Follet d'Amiens), a tortoise !
Cécile (Iufm d'Amiens), a giant shell !
Armelle (Iufm Amiens)
an octopus !
Isabelle (Iufm Amiens) an egg of Bigbird ;o)
Somebody (école de la Sablonnière) wet sand !
and Linda
(from Hawaï) a bunch of beans ;o)
thanks to them, but nobody was right ;o)))

It was :

2000 Trombones...
A heap of paperclips !
And there were 2000 of them ! ! !
Why 2000 ?

Look at the following page...