Netdays '99

2000 petits riens...
at Volksschule Weizberg - Weiz - Autriche

With 2000 woodden-blocks,
we're going to built a huge fantasy construction
for the new siecle.

Today (November 11th) we got 8 boxes with wooden blocks.
So in the afternoon we were very busy to build towers and houses and other creations.
Tomorrow we are going to build one fantastic building.
On Tuesday we are going to build a building in Vienna.
Itīs the official Austrian opening of Netdays99.
We hope we can send you a picture of this event.

Then we have a second idea.
The girls and boys of the 3rd grade who are about 9 years old create little pictures with plastic pearls.

In Austria we say " Aller guten Dinge sind drei "
("All good things works three by three")
So we have a third activity.
There is a 16 year old girl from Thailand as an exchange student in my family.
Kamonrat with nickname "Golf" folded 1000 little hearts and 1000 little stars out of paper. Our 4b class will fold little boxes. In the blue boxes we will put in each 12 stars like the European flag. We are also going to put ten hearts into little boxes and write some tips that people can do with hearts and stars.

On Tuesday 17th,
we had a very exciting day in Vienna.

We build a very huge building in the entrance hall of the Vienna IBM house

We are very proud of our work

This is our exchange student golf with 2000 little hearts and stars. She gave many of them to the audience of the Austrian presentation.

We got an Austrian award for our project EUROTRAIN from Mrs. Gehrer the
minister of education.

Today on Thursday we have a presentation of our work in school for the headmasters and headmistresses of our local schools, for people of the banks and the education authority.
All of them admired your idea and our pupils worked again very busy building houses and towers.
We, the pupils and teachers thank very much for your great idea and for all ideas of the other schools. We hope all of you will get some hearts of our 2000 ones.
Now we also have 2000 woodden blocks in our school and our pupils enjoy.