Poor Santa Claus...

We've created a christmas story with our visitors ...

A Christmas Tree from Vanessa - Martigny

New : our friends from Saint-Fuscien drawn our story !

1 -

Once upon a time... Santa Claus was going down in a chimney…

The gifts fall down at the bottom of the chimney. PAM PAM PALAM

2 -
Santa Claus has to go back home in Finland and takes others gifts to give to nice children.
He flies again towards the chimneys.
But in the sky... a plane comes in front of him very fast !

3 - 
Santa Claus jumps out of the  sleigh.
He is lucky to have got a parachute.
And he falls down just in the chimney where he had lost all the gifts ! ! !
He falls upon the toys and it's very loud !…

4 - 
BAAAAMM !!! The children are awaken.
" What did I hear ? " says the little girl coming out her bed .
She goes downstairs...
And she says :
Is it you Santa Claus ?

But Santa Claus never wants that children looks at him when he comes at home !
He goes back in the chimney.

But he don't leave the broken gifts on the floor : he takes them with him.
The little girl arrives and just can't see anything.

She hides herself, waiting for Santa Claus.

She hides under the table and pfff no more noise !
Santa Claus comes down slowly to put new (no broken) toys at the bottom of the Christmas Tree.
The little girl starts to yell like a monster to frighten Santa Claus.

Santa is so scared that he lets the toys fall down.
Broken ! Again !
Then, Santa starts to cry.
" Boooooouuuuuuhhhh, I have no more gifts now. That were the last ones.
The little girl gives a cuddle to Santa Claus.
" I beg your pardon Santa, I was silly wrong, but this year, I only wanted a cuddle-kiss-gift "
" You're a little rascal ! It's a good thing that your house was the last one for this year.
Now I have to go back home... But where arer my reindeers and my sleigh ?

Our story is now finished...
But we really don't know what happened to the reindeers and to Santa's sleigh !
Have you any idea ?
Let's know !

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