Playground game 1

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First of all, you have to draw a road on the ground with a chalk.

Choose the start and the arrival lines.

D'ici... jusque l !

Then take one ball for each player.

You've to throw the ball like this...

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The ball has to go as far as possible without rolling out of the road.

Ae... sortie

Comme a

When it goes out, you mark the place where it went out...

Son nom, il le signe de la pointe de la craie...

Par ici la sortie...

Next time you'll play, you must start at this place...

Et maintenant d'ici...

We play one after another.

Who is the winner ?
You... if your ball is the first one on the arrival ligne !

We also invented other rules, like in Mother Goose game.

Encore plus fort

On you have to come back on the start line.

On  you play once more.

On you get a forfeit.

On you stop to play for one turn.

You may prepare holes (like in golf)
with a reversed disposable plate.

Trou la la !

It's quite good for the arrival...

trou.jpg (6484 octets)

Take fun and tell us if you enjoyed.