This game starts like " Place stealer ".

At first,
you have to draw a grid on the floor...

Une grille de 10 sur 10 environ.

Then, everyone chooses his place :
A chacun sa place.

sep.gif (141 octets)

Time to throw the dice.
Let's count how many dots.


sep.gif (141 octets)

You may move from a case to another one
as many times as dots on the dice.
To move, you may advance :
on your right,
on your left,
but never diagonally...

On peut, on peut pas...
(in green, allowed ; in red, forbidden)

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All this is just like the game " Place stealer ".

Bur now, each time you arrive upon a new square,
you have to drop a little mark...
1,2, et 3 : je pose mon petit rond rouge
(we used milk bottles covers).
When a square is marked up,
nobody is no more allowed to play in this square.
The most we play, the less we get place to play...

Until you're prisonner !
In your own jail !
Lost ! ! !

Future prisonner
Here, François is only able to play with a 1, a 2   or a 3.
Else... he'll loose...

sep.gif (141 octets)

Are you the last one on the grid ?
Congratulations : you won ;o)