Our little paper snails

To make a little snail :

Take a stripe of paper...

2     mod3.jpg (5052 octets)
With your cissors,
cut twice 1 cm at the extremity of the stripe.

mod4.jpg (4908 octets)
Fold the middle piece from the top to the bottom : now, you may see the snail 's horns.

mod5.jpg (3868 octets)
Roll the other extremity of the stripe
to built the shell
(it's easier with a pencil).
mod6.jpg (2752 octets)

Fold the stripe towards the top,
between the head and the shell :
your snail sees where he 's going...
mod7.jpg (4496 octets)

At the top of the " horns ",
you may paste coloured stickers as eyes.
mod8.jpg (3416 octets)