Little snail

Où ?

Little Snail wants to go for a stroll. He goes...
... in the garden, but on the way, he thought he knew it by heart (Xavier).
He already went everywhere in the garden ! He knows where are growing leeks, shallots, potatoes and first of all salads !
Then he decides to go another way (Xavier) : in front of the garden is a house. Little Snail wants to go in the bedroom. He would like to play with a marble...
For going in the bedroom, he will pass through the chimney. But how long the way seems to be ! (lundi@infonie.f
Ar first, Little Snail must climb on the wall. But how dangerous it is !

The house

And what if the sun starts to burn hardlier and hardlier ?
And what if a bird come to eat him ?
And what if he has no slime enough to reach the top of the wall ?
And what if the owner come ?
Little Snail will not climb in the middle of the wall.
He has no will to be eaten by a bird.
He doesn't want to be catched by the owner.
He doesn't want to wither because of the sun and he wants te keep slime enough.
He is sly, he will go through the gutter. He starts to climb in the drain pipe...

Little Snail is very frightened because he hates darkness and in the pipe, it 's very dark ! (Xavier, Olivier and their friends). Little Snail just can't see where he's going to. He turns left and BANG, he hurts his antenna. It's so painful that he can't see any more. He falls on his back and he bumps his shell. His shell cracks. He stays on his back…
Fortunatly, Super Slug arrives (Xavier, Olivier and the others).

Super Slug
Super Slug is very strong.
Nobody can catch her because she is very fast.
That's why she's named Super Slug...
Super Slug helps Little Snail to turn over.
But how to repair Little Snail's shell ?

With her foam ! Yes, Super Slug injects slime between both pieces of Little Snail 's shell. So they do. And it's ok ! Little Snail is delighted.
But what can he do to thank Super Slug ? (Schuster)

At first, saying : " Thanks Super Slug. You helped me twice." He gives her a big... slobbery kiss... and he stays sticked on SuperSlug 's cheek. Super Slug pulls strongly while Little Snail pushes hardly with his head. But there is nothing to do : it's too difficult. Little Snail and Super Slug stay sticked !
, Little Snail feels water falling on his shell. Could it be rain ? (Jean-Charles)
Yes ! It rains. The rain runs in the gutter. And it separates Little Snail and Super Slug. They start to laught. It's very noisy in the gutter then ! And the noise draws to them... the cat who thinks that it's a mouse squeaking like that ! He puts his face just under the pipe and... yuk ! The snail and the slug come and stick themselves upon his wiskers ! (Faustine et Thiébault)
The cat puts them away with a scratch.
Little Snail goes quickly back in his shell : he is frightened.
In front of him, the cat shows his claws.
Super Slug hurries up to take shelter in the gutter.

The cat can't catch them.
He thinks.
He looks at the gutter from the bottom to the top and he has an idea.
He goes round the house and he climbs on the tree.

Camille's cat

Then, he jumps upon the roof of the house. And there, he hides on the edge of the roof, just near the gutter's hole. And he waits...
Little Snail and Super Slug must go through this way to reach the chimney. But how to get rid of this cat ?
They decide to wait for the night. Then the cat will go eating and sleeping. Super Slug and Little Snail have found little pieces of leaves. And they find that it tastes very good...
It's time now ! The cat has gone away ! ! !
( Faustine)
Little Snail and Super Slug go out of the pipe and move forward on the roof. But the cat hadn't really gone away. He only pretended to and he went to hide on the tree. He waits. He watches out. If he moves now, Little Snail and Super Slug will go back in the gutter and he 'll just can catch them. He waits... Little Snail and Super Slug go on. They arrive at the foot of the chimney. The cat decides to jump on the roof to catch them. One paw, a second one, and then the two last... He advances slowly, without noise. And when he is no more far than 20 snail's shells, he jumps ! He springs on the roof ... but the roof is still wet... and he skids ! He bumps against the chimney. And he is knocked out !


Little Snail and Super Slug go on, throught his paws, and they climb on the chimney...
In the chimney, it's more darker than in the gutter. Because of the soot. There are lots of spider's webs with big flies entraped. It's  sticky there ! Little Snail has no more a strong desire to go down... (Faustine)
But he doesn't want to have done such a long way for nothing. He looks at the chimney and he sees the webs one upon another. He wants to jump.
- I go ! Do you come with me Super Slug ?
- No ! I'm going to stick everywhere.
- Never mind... See you soon...
And yeepieeee, he jumps in the first web.


He goes through !
And schlpoufff he falls in a second one, and then in a third and so down to the bottom of the chimney.
He is now covered with pieces of webs. He looks like a fish prisonner in a net.
A big spider comes. She felt her web move. She sees Little Snail catched in her net and she helps him to deliver. Here is it : Little Snail is free (Faustine).
The big Spider
- How did you come there ? Do you see what you did to my web ?
- Oh yes, I see ! I'm so sorry, I just wanted to go down from one web to another one. I didn't want to get dirty. It's full of soot there And I thought that these webs were unhabited.
- What are you doing there ?
- I want to play with a marble. Do you know where is the bedroom ?
- Yes, of course. Come on ?
- Ok !
And Little Snail and the big Spider go together in the bedroom.
They come in the bedroom, but they don't find any marble : there are only socks on the floor, slippers,a little car, a doll, three books...
- I've got an idea says the spider. It has to be left in the parents's bedroom.
They go on, in the dark corridor, and they catch sight of a phosphorescent yellow marble. It's so beautiful ! ! ! (Thiébault and Faustine)

Beautiful indeed, but worrying too ! They decide to approach and there, well ! The marble begins to move, to twist and to untwist and above all, to speak and finally to shout :
- Help, help, bouhou, bouhou, I'm lost, poor little glow worm that I am ! I lost my way in the darkness. Please help me to find my parents. (François and Xavier 15h20)

The story is now finished (see the french one)