Hairy Nose
Hairy Nose

The story is written by Year 1 Caroline's class from Delpech Primary School in Amiens.
The drawings are made by us...

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Once upon a time, an old witch named Hairy Nose was living at the top of a mountain. To go there, you had to walk through a dark and tremendous forest, in which trees were frightening children.

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This witch is bad and her face looks ugly. She 's got a potatoe hairy nose and big black eyes. In her mouth, teeth are black too. She wears a white dress and a big black pointed hat.

Her long shoes are crooked and her socks are white and red striped. She can fly on a big magic broom which helps her to catch little children.

I'm Hairy Nose

At his time, Hairy Nose is at home. She's inventing new magic recipes to turn into a teacher and become invisible. She wants to kidnap the pupils' parents.

In her recipe, she puts 7 spiders with their 6 webs, 11 crushed flies, 3 toads' paws, 10 cheese-smelling socks and one kilo toadstools.


After drinking her concoction, she takes first grade teacher's place she kidnapped with parents at lunch time..
She was helped by her magic broom and by her cat.

The teacher was taken by the broom ! ! !

Hairy Nose is now in the classroom where she is enclosed with the pupils.
- I'm Hairy Nose, she says.
The pupils go and hide under the tables.

Help ! A witch in our classroom...

The witch explains them that all the group will go in the forest this afternoon.
She drives them to the bus.

Ton navigateur n'accepte pas Java ! As-tu pensÚ Ó l'activer ?

But they don't know that the bus is driven by Carabistouille, Hairy Nose 's husband, who kidnapped the driver.

(to be followed...)