The message

Here is the text of the message that we sent in the bottle with all the names :

You just found us.
We're the children from a pre-primary school in Pendé, in the north of France.
We're with friends from all around the world who wanted to come with us.

We sent this bottle in the sea to see if somebody could find it. And we'll know it if you send us a message.

Please will you tell us where you're coming from and where you found our bottle ?
Are you a man , a woman or a child ?
What's your name ?

You may send us :

- an e-mail :
- a phone call : 33(0) 322 607 458
- a letter to : Ecole de Sallenelle - F - 80230 PENDE - France

Please give us your address so that we may reply to you.

Thanks so much.