Non, c'est pas Mark !

Landed !

The second bottle was found in Belgium.
It travelled almost 80 km in the storm.

Op weg naar Koksijde...
Mark found it on the beach in Koksijde.
He sent us a letter to let us know upon his discover.
He gave us his address.
We prepared him a drawing, a big post card with cliffs from near our village and a letter to thank him. We sent it... by snail mail... this time.

Mark 's letter :
I let you know willingly that your " message in a bottle " was found.
I found it on October, 30th on Koksijde's beach (Belgium).
Koksijde is a coast village not very far from the Belgium-France frontier near De Panne.

I'm a 27 year old unemployed Biology-Earth Sciences-Physics-Chemistry Teacher.
As a member of a sea studying group, I watch upon sea life (shells, fishes, crabs,...).During my searches on the beaches, it often happens  that I find post bottles (frequently from United Kingdom), but it's always a kind amaze.