Our world piggy bank !

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Oh oh ! A coin ! Why is it there, alone ?

It's waiting for friends !

Friends ?

Yes, friends !

Where from ?

From countries all around the world.

It's the smallest coin in France.
With it, you can't buy a lot of things.
You need 80 of it to buy a French loaf.
With a lonely one, you may only get a tea spoon of gazoline for your car.
We would like to discover other smallest coins (in value)
in countries all over the world.

If you send us the smallest coin of your country,
we 'll send you our 5 cent coin...

And we'll put yours into our world piggy bank ;o)

Here are announced or received coins.
In the next days, we're going to organize our informations about coins.
(to be followed)

Already received...

Here is the 5 cent coin from the Netherlands
Thanks to Ingrid and to the Openbare Basisschool De Edelsteen in Zoetermeer.

1 cent from USA

and 1 yen from Japan.
Thanks to Steve...
1fbp.jpg (2516 octets)1fbf.jpg (2443 octets)
A 50 centimes coin just arrived from Belgium...

From Scotland, Audrey sent us a 1 penny...
Two coins from Switzerland...

+ 1 canadian one
Lavakusha promised us coins
from USA, Canada, India, South America...
It was so more than we expected !
29 coins arrived together :

1 cent from Singapour

1 paise from India

1 sentimo from Philippines

1 sucre from Ecuador
One from China
Yuning sent it...

Lutheran Primary School - Waikerie
sent us its five cent coin  from Australia.


One from Italia...
Third Grade C.B. Smith School, Illinois
sends us a penny from USA and stories upon this coin...
Ketsia (friend of our friends in Martigny) works in the World Bank in Washington... No, no, she made no ;o) but she's going to send us a coin too.
Hilary has ready to go coins from England...

If you want to send us a coin,
please send us a mail to let us know in advance...
Thanks so much.

Our snail mail address is :


Hameau de Sallenelle
F - 80230 - PENDE

( " Ecole " means school in french)

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